Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WTF in Cincinnati

Wanna See The Red Sox Play The Reds? You Must Also Buy Tickets To Three Other Games

It turns out that the Cincinnati Reds, a once-proud baseball team that used to win games but is now managed by Dusty Baker, have realized that a series against the defending-champion Red Sox could be a big draw. But instead of just calling this a "premium series" and boosting the price, the Reds also forced Patrick to buy tickets in four-packs, that is, for every Red Sox/Reds ticket Patrick wanted, he also had to purchase tickets to three other, non-Red Sox games.

Granted, if I weren't a Sox fan I would love this.

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areinsch said...

Sounds about right to me. The Brewers have put in somewhat similar measures for the weekends when the Cubs come to town. If Cincinnati's front office thinks they can cultivate attendance by actual Reds fans without sacrificing the bottom line, then I'm pleased they're taking a shot at it.

Red Sox fans would do well to take a lesson from Yankee fans here. Nobody likes either group. At all. But there's a certain honesty in the "kiss the rings" approach that just isn't there in a whiny, aggrieved letter to consumerist.