Monday, March 10, 2008

The shot heard round Hillsborough County

It must be asked, Was the running over of Francisco Cervelli by Elliot Johnson the greatest moment in Tampa Bay Rays history?* Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times seems to think yes:

For the most part, the Rays always have been beneath contempt, beneath notice, beneath even the Orioles. They have never been the kind of club to knock someone down. They were more like the team that other teams occasionally tripped over.

All of which is why it is simply marvelous that the Rays have managed to boil the blood of Joe Girardi, the Yankee manager and a potential candidate for the vacant office of Marquis of Queensbury.

Oh no he didn't! He took it there! Marquis of Queensbury.

*I think clearly it's this game. Gerald Williams charged the mound after getting struck by a Pedro Martinez pitch to lead off the game. Pedro retired the next 24 batters and then... well... who among us has the blueprint for getting John Flaherty out?

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