Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'll take Fisk, Tewks and Carpenter

It seems New England's land of misfits is home to a bevy of baseball executives:

This offseason, the Pittsburgh Pirates named Amherst native Neal Huntington their new general manager. The Minnesota Twins also turned to a Granite Stater, tabbing North Hampton's Bill Smith as GM. Those hires continued a trend.

Brian Sabean (Concord) serves as the general manager of the Giants. Rochester native Allard Baird spent six years as the Royals GM, and is now one of the key talent evaluators in the Red Sox front office, where he holds the title of assistant to the general manager.

Baird joins Vice President for Player Personnel Ben Cherington (Meriden) and Assistant General Manager Jed Hoyer in the Sox front office. Cherington and Hoyer spent six weeks as the co-GM's of the Sox, just as New Hampshire natives Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan (Manchester) jointly ran the Orioles front office earlier this decade.

The takeaway? Every damn town in New Hampshire is named after a town in Massachusetts. So concerned about living free they had not the time to think up their own names. It's an abomination! What's that? You say every damn town in Massachusetts is named after a town in England? Oh.

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This is a classic.