Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is not us

Hey Red Sox fans who beat up a guy wearing a Yankees hat:



Ben: Well ummmmm actually, Bryan, it was me. But the guy had it comin', you gotta beleive me! He was making fun of my El Guapo shirt, Bryan. Would you let that stand? Oh and was he was raggin' on Merloni. Merloni, Bryan! You think I'm gonna just sit there and do nothing while some punk speaks ill of our boy Merloni? No sir! And then he went into the 1918 chant and I just had it. So I rounded up some Irish and asked them politely if they would kick him in the head for me a few times. They complied.

Sorry, I was totally having a flashback to 2001. Remember that, when Red Sox fans at least had reason to be surly? I was younger then and very foolish. But also very passionate. Seriously though, that crap is disgusting.

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