Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two out of four ain't bad is a dynasty!

Thanks to (gulp) Sh********* for the heads up on this, "Two new books (at least) are scheduled to hit stores this spring: Michael Holley's "Red Sox Rule: Terry Francona and Boston's Rise to Dominance"; and Tony Massarotti's "Dynasty: The Inside Story of How the Red Sox Became a Baseball Powerhouse."

One can only hope the release date for that second one is April 1st. About these books all that is certain is that the writing will be thoroughly mediocre and they will be bestsellers in New England. My hunch is we'll get a ham handed re-hash of much of what is covered by Seth Mnookin's incisive Feeding the Monster in the latter. And while I applaud the effort to throw some praise Terry Francona's way, the former, an apparent sequel to Patriot Reign (one awaits Dynasty on the Rebound: The Obscure Genius of Danny Ainge with bated breath) has snoozer written all over it.

Bryan: If Michael Holley's writing, I'm buying. Good for him all of us. But this Beckett stuff is not promising... Oh, I put the picture up to remind our "enemies" who's boss.

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