Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baseball and breakfast reheated for dinner

A mere 14 hours later, and I am settling in to watch the Sox face the Athletics in Game 1 of the 2008 campaign. Hopefully my MLB TV will be more cooperative than DirecTV. So far, so good. Still debating whether to mute Thorne and Phillips. Right now their voices are on, but ever so softly.

That's the one thing that bugs me about the MLB TV, no control over which broadcast I get. Those Rays' series with Joe Magrane doing color are a source of great distress. But, if nothing else, listening to the opposition's announcers throughout the season should provide a steady flow of blog fodder. Perhaps I'll get power rankings going for play-by-play and color guys. Scully sits atop both.

As Papi pops out in the first I see there is a Konami sign in left field. Makes me think of Double Dribble. That's pleasant.

Phillips is talking about how Manny is in the best shape of his life. Mute.

Thorne just said (I didn't really mute) this series is a homecoming for A's catcher Kurt Suzuki. Is this accurate? He was born in Hawaii, went to college in California, and played for Team USA in the qualifying tournament for the 2008 Olympics. I know what Thorne meant, but I'm not so sure he knows what he meant.

Anyway, no need to blog the early part of the game. It's already been done. The Red Sox won. Brandon Moss came up large but he's still headed to Pawtucket because Kielty's potency against lefties is nice to have on the bench.

My goodness, Dice-K looks dreadful. I can't wait for the part where he settles in. Please tell me that comes soon. At this point (sacks full, one out, no control) I'm amazed he only gave up two runs in the first.

OK, I'll stop! I leave you with this:

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