Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On: Fat

This wonderful art from

Tiny caption reads: "Dmitri Young made a big comeback in 2007, but a healthy Nick Johnson could cut into his playing time."

Healthy you say? That's not him, right? Tell me that's new Nationals' pitching coach, Mark Portugal.

Oh, by the way, this might be as close as we get to a "Know Thy Enemy: Washington Nationals" so let me just say: THIS is the year Wily Mo hits 40 home runs. I've never been more sure of something in my life.

Bryan: I think you're on to something. I mean, check out these projections:


I think we're right on the money with 40.

Ben: Positively. What those projections fail to acknowledge is that THIS is the year Wily Mo gets 600 ABs.

Bryan: Strikeout over/under. Go.

Ben: 600 ABs? 193 strikeouts.

Bryan: I'm going to take... eeeeaahh... the under. Tough one. Good number.

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Imran said...

Speaking of fatties, I hear Bartolo Colon is healthy and looking good throwing off the mound. That could turn out to be a big-time break for a pitching staff in Boston that hardly needs any "breaks" to begin with.