Monday, March 3, 2008

This is all very strange

Okay, so we knew that the Red Sox were opening against the A's on March 25th and 26th in Japan. That's the regular season kickoff, airing live at 6:05 a.m. both days. Mmmm, mmm, that sounds fun. Anyway, after that the Sox are off to L.A. The regular season having started, you figure we're having a few games against the Dodgers just to knock some of those inter-league bitches off our schedule.

Well, that's what I figured, anyway. But I was wrong.

Turns out we're playing the NL Central this year anyway. But seriously, starting the regular season, then pausing it, then starting again? Is this Russia?

(Speaking of Russia, Obama girl has nothing on this "I want a man like Putin" song, put out by a couple of Russian pop vixens. We should remix it for "I want a man like Papi." It would be FAN-tastic.)

Ben: Kooky logistics? Sure. But here's the great news: "All ticket proceeds for the game will benefit ThinkCure, the official charity of the Los Angeles Dodgers. ThinkCure is dedicated to raising funds for critical cancer research and ultimately finding a cure for cancer. " 115,000+ will be in attendance at the Coliseum. A few dump trucks of dough for cancer and a new MLB attendance record? So worth it.

Bryan: Right, but here's my point:

a) Playing the games in Japan is not "regular."
b) The games are "regular-season" games.
c) Playing the Dodgers in the Coliseum for charity is also "not regular."
d) These are "exhibition games."

So why aren't both sets either "regular season" or "exhibition" games? Given that there are "kooky logistics" involved no matter what, I'd like a little order to my kookyness. Even if that's an inherent contradiction, BENJAMIN.

Ben: It's quite simple, the Dodgers games were added after the trip to Japan was already scheduled. Obviously MLB wants to open the season in Japan with "regular season" games to add to the spectacle
. Plus, to travel that distance only to play games that don't count would make it all the more ridiculous, no? So then once you return if the choice is between not playing at all for five days before Opening Day or hanging out in L.A. to play three exhibition games while you recover from jet lag, I'll take the latter. (It would seem that making both series "regular season" is off the board because, as you say, the Sox play the NL Central this year.)

Bryan: You're a towel.


coachie ballgames said...

I noticed that quirk in the schedule as well. I can't imagine another sport being so cavalier with regular season games as baseball. Sure, in baseball, it's better to keep playing games than to take five days off but how can the Sox possibly play one regular in those Dodger games? But of course they'll be forced to. And they won't get to Boston until two weeks after Japan. It's no way to start a season and you have to really hope that the AL East does not come down to a game or two.

Bryan said...

Or hope we're up by three.