Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday in Fort Myers

Beckett was removed from this afternoon's game against the Marlins before it even began. Slipped on the mound and strained his back, they say. Too soon to worry.... too much. In Beckett's stead Delcarmen started the game, going two perfect innings and maintaining his 0.00 ERA. Timlin allowed one hit over two. And then (stop me if you've heard this before) it was Hansen's turn to walk a couple, give up three hits, and allow two runs over an inning and two-thirds. Look at that lovely 14.23 ERA! Meanwhile, Craig Breslow continues his push for the final spot in the pen that Hansen apparently wants no part of. The Yale southpaw struck out three in an inning and a third. Sox trail 2-0. Two hits for Jacoby.

Update: Sox lose. Amalie Benjamin says, "Beckett will possibly undergo more testing tomorrow, when he's re-evaluated by the medical staff. For now, the team isn't sure if he'll make his next start, nor is it clear the severity of the injury to his back."

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