Sunday, March 16, 2008

Like fútbol in America

The Dogers and Padres played to a 3-3 tie yesterday in Beijing, China. The Times observes:

Tell this to the Dominicans, Gong Wan Ming:

Gong Wan Ming, a retired chemist who was staring at the stadium from a nearby bus stop, said he considered table tennis much more interesting because it is fast-paced and requires cheaper equipment.

Fortunately an international incident was averted:

Vendors walking through the stands showed their inexperience. One carried one Coke, one Tsingtao beer and one bag of popcorn as she strode silently up the stairs of one section. When the concession stands ran out of hot dogs and beer in the first inning, the American fans were incensed.

Comforting to know the Chinese government are Lefebvre Believers:

The former major league player Jim Lefebvre, head coach of the Chinese Olympic team, said that the public here would learn about baseball and that good players would develop, but that it would happen slowly.

On Jim Lefebvre, did you know the former Mariners, Cubs and Brewers manager had bit parts in Batman, Gilligan's Island, M*A*S*H, and St. Elsewhere? According to IMDb, Lefebvre also appeared in the 1966 MLB All-Star Game as "Himself."

Update: The Padres took today's game 6-3 to claim the China Cup. This is only slightly less prestigious than the Mayor's Cup.

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