Monday, March 3, 2008

Know Thy Enemy: Kansas City Royals

"Know Thy Enemy: Kansas City Royals" is fourth in a twenty-eight part series of season previews.

Knowing no Kansas City Royals fans personally, Me and Pedro sought some big-time assistance, emailing the great Joe Posnanski for some help. We wondered, in the spirit of his "Curiously long posts," if he would playfully honor us with some Royals haikus.

Amazingly, he did just that. And they are:

Billy Butler says
On the first pitch he's raking
Hope springs eternal

When small market teams
Pay big for Jose Guillen
At least that's something

Long live the king.

Joe Posnanski is freaking awesome, and has embraced the haiku on his own blog. Only good can come of this.

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