Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three of our favorites

Joe Posnanski and Bill James sat down for a wide-ranging interview. Here's a nugget for the Sox fans among us:

Q: To Boston: I know you thought that Coco Crisp had a terrific year defensively last year — you sent a few of us an excited email about your general amazement. You are obviously pretty well known for being logical and searching for answers and so on, but you also are an emotional fan: Did you get a whole new feeling about centerfield defense watching Coco?
Bill: I wouldn’t say so exactly. It was more like this: that for almost three months, every time there was a ball that you didn’t know whether the center fielder could make a play or not, he did. After about two months of this you started to relax when somebody hit a screaming line drive into the gap, figuring Coco would run it down because he always did. It was more like a long series of successes than a revelation.

For the Sox fans and non-Sox fans in the house:

Q: Devil Rays or Rays?
Bill: I’m going with Gamma Rays. And players traded away from the team are now X Rays.

Read it all. It's great.

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