Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dusty Baker: Very much inside the box

Dusty Baker is no Yost or McLaren, that's for sure:

The best baseball managing is done by the seat of your pants, using good, old-fashioned, pre-sabermetric logic. That's another reason to like Dusty Baker. (Beyond his knowledge of single-malt Scotches and Van Morrison lyrics, which is merely astounding and downright Renaissance.) If Baker manages by a book, it's one inside his head, not one written by Bill James.

The other day, the Reds manager decided he wanted Joey Votto and Adam Dunn to swing their bats more. "I don't like called third strikes," Baker said.

Can we get an Amen?

It always amuses when fans defend heart-of-the-order hitters by pointing to their on-base percentage. Wow, look at all those walks.

Bravo, Paul Daugherty! You earned this, you really did. One would think Dusty's reputation among moderately learned baseball fans could not get much worse, but Daugherty seems determined to put that theory to the test. Meanwhile, friend of Me and Pedro, Joe Posnanski, offers a voice of clarity.

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