Friday, March 14, 2008

Closing thoughts

It is perhaps a sign that your fledgling baseball blog is consuming your thoughts when on the bus you overhear two chaps with deformities on their right hand exchanging war stories* and your immediate thought is, Were Bob Wickman and Antonio Alfonseca ever teammates? Sadly, no. There is one commonality they do share (aside from the hand thing) and it is the distinction of being the worst baseball players ever to record 45 saves in a single season. On the topic of saves in a single season, How much longer until Bobby Thigpen's record 57 saves in 1990 becomes a hallowed mark? Do we wait until the 20th anniversary? Better question still, How long before we rename the bullpen the Thigpen in this great man's honor? By the way, if you would like to acknowledge Bobby's upcoming 20th anniversary, china is the traditional gift. I suggest you take him out to lunch at Panda Express.

*To my knowledge these men are not military veterans, it's just an expression.

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Bryan said...

Candlesticks always make a good gift.