Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Look at them Rays!

A peek at a trio of projections reveals the Rays could have some sting(!) in '08. That and the Orioles are abysmal. Neither of these findings are at all surprising.

Yankees 92
Red Sox 92
Rays 89
Blue Jays 83
Orioloes 65

Yankees 97
Red Sox 91
Rays 89
Blue Jays 79
Orioloes 66

Red Sox 97
Yankees 96
Blue Jays 87
Rays 78
Orioles 69

Why does Miguel Cairo hate the Rays?

Here's a good look at the Rays' roster from the St. Petersburg Times.

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areinsch said...

I'm not familiar with "CAIRO". Who does that? In any case, they're really going after it. These systems rarely project 95+ win teams, but Cairo's got two. In the same division.

It's exciting, at least.