Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jody Gerut's weblog

Ken Rosenthal tells me the Padres are likely to start Jody Gerut in left field. Remember this fellow, in 2003 as a 25-year-old rookie with Cleveland he hit 22 home runs and exhibited some nice defense in the outfield. In year two his OBP showed no improvement (.334) and his home run total was cut in half. Then Gerut was beset by knee injuries and we haven't heard from him since. But before we had Curtis Granderson's blog, we had Jody Gerut's weblog.... not so much into words, is he? Nearly as empty as his post-2005 Major League resume.

I've taken a circuitous route, but my point is, if Padres plan on starting Jody Geruts why aren't we being inundated with Coco Crisp to San Diego rumors? After all, Towers and Epstein have been frequent, if banal, trade partners:

  • Traded Luis Cruz to San Diego for Cesar Crespo.
  • Traded Dave Roberts to San Diego for Jay Payton, Ramon Vazquez, David Pauley & cash.
  • Traded Doug Mirabelli for Cla Meredith and Josh Bard.
  • Traded David Wells to San Diego for George Kotteras.

On the possibility of Crisp to San Diego I did find this tidbit from the Union-Tribune:

Towers swapped e-mails with Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein on Friday, but it's doubtful the Padres will strongly pursue Coco Crisp, who apparently has lost his job to Jacoby Ellsbury. For one, Crisp is out of the lineup because of an injury. Two, Epstein hasn't put him on the trade block. Three, the Padres believe Epstein would ask for advanced prospects such as Matt Antonelli or Chase Headley. “We're not going to move those guys,” Towers said.

Perhaps they're content with Gerut in left. And based on this headline, how couldn't they be?

As far as Coco goes, the Rays, A's and Cubs seem to be in the mix. But I must reiterate, I desperately hope the Sox retain Mr. Crisp.

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