Friday, April 18, 2008

Transcontinental ownage

So I'm watching a Celtic-Rangers game from earlier in week (think Sox-Yanks with a religious element, more racism and, loads of sectarian violence) and I'm thinking about how interesting it is that a Japanese fellow named Nakamura is an Old Firm veteran. Then he goes and scores an incredible goal, and it dawns on me, Matsuzaka beat the Rangers too! Remarkable. Take a look at the goal:

Back to Dice-K. Two walks this evening. We can live with that. I'll say it now, if Dice-K averages two walks a game he wins the Cy Young. Still, 101 pitches through 5.1 innings is a bit of a concern. Less walks is a start. Now throw more strikes!

Wouldn’t you know, Papi busts out of his slump with a guy named Mendoza on the mound. A grand slam and an RBI single. Patience paid off. Eventually you knew something would happen. And boy did it ever.

Jed Lowrie is batting .429 (coulda been higher if he weren’t called out on a highly questionable third strike) and he has zero errors. Be afraid, Julio Lugo, be very afraid. Or maybe Alex Cora should be afraid. No, not likely. Baseball 101 dictates that when Cora comes back Lowrie goes down to play every day.

Conflicted on Aardsma. Throws very hard but doesn’t strike a lot of guys outs and has control issues. If Timlin can't turn things around Aardsma could become an important part of the pen. My confidence in Timlin is such that when I saw him warming in the eighth inning of a 9-3 game I took pause. But remember, Timlin was dreadful in the early going last season, posting ERAs of about 6.00 through June, before having an incredible July (14.1 innings, 0 ER, .111 AVG) and holding opponents to a .192 average post-All Star break. All hope is not lost. Not by a long shot.

Around the AL East
Today was a banner day in Rays history. They signed Longoria to a long term deal and claimed Dan Johnson off waivers. Then they went out and lost to white Sox.

Perennial disappointment Daniel Cabrera held the Yankees in check this evening. Meanwhile, Phil Hughes struggled once again (0-3, 8.82 ERA). That's what happens to 21 year olds. It just is. He'll be fine. So will Clay, for that matter.

The Blue Jays? Barajas, looking beauteous in the powder blues, played first base and socked a solo home run. But the homer and David Purcey's decent start were wasted when Jeremy Accardo took his third loss in relief.

The rest of them teams
Torii Hunter doubled thrice and yoinked Richie Sexson's bid for a third home run to record the final out in the Angels' 5-4 victory.

Ben Sheets looked sharp, allowing two hits over five, but was forced to leave the game with a sore triceps.

With Sabathia struggling, Cleveland's other lefty continues to shine. Cliff Lee outpitched Francisco Liriano to improve to 3-0 and lower his ERA to 0.40.

David Wright collected four hits and Johan Santana struck out ten to lead the Mets over the Phils by score of 6-4.

Derek Lowe struggled in Andruw Jones' return to Atlanta as the Braves bested the Dodgers 6-1. But the real story is Glavine, who is going to the DL for the first time in his 22-year career.

Friend of Posnanski Brian Bannister had his first sour start of the season, allowing five runs in the A's 13-2 victory.

Dan Haren blanked the Padres over seven and Connor Jackson drove in four runs in the D-Backs 9-0 win.

There are more teams. Some of them won, others of them lost.

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