Thursday, April 10, 2008

JD Drew is batting .440

Sometimes I watch Baseball Tonight. It's a serious character flaw. This evening Buster Olney told me the Sox are "looking around for a third baseman." Huh? Yeah, what say we trade for Crede so he can fill in for a fortnight? No. With Mike Lowell on the 15-day DL, Youk goes to third and Casey plays first. You know, like the lineup looked this evening, when the Mayor went 2-for-5 and drove in three runs in the Sox' 12-6 defeat of the hapless Tiggers.

How bad are things for the Tiggers? They have signed Casey Fossum! Remember him? The one the Sox were unwilling to part with in a proposed deal with Montreal for Bartolo Colon, but who was later sent to Arizona along with three others* in exchange for Curtis Montague. Yeah, turns out he's not a good baseball player. I see you Jon Lester. Jokes. It's all jokes.

*Others included in the package:
Brandon Lyon, Arizoa's closer (for now).

Jorge De La Rosa, who was soon traded by the D-Backs as part of a deal for Richie Sexson and was later traded for Tony Graffanino. One could say his desirability is trending downwards.

Michael Goss, who may or may not be the author of this book.

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