Monday, April 14, 2008


After taking two of three from the hapless Tiggers and the beat-up Yankees respectively, the Sox head to Cleveland for a two game set. With last season's ALCS defeat still fresh in their minds the Indians are going through the "it's just another series" song and dance. But is it really even that? What's with these two-game series? I hate 'em.

Lester vs. Westbrook in Game 1 and Wake vs. Byrd in Game 2. Westbrook has been quite good in his first two starts, allowing 2 runs in the first and 3 in the second. He's coming off a complete game victory against the Angels. Mr. Byrd has been in the news recently. Good for him. Perhaps he'll celebrate by lowering his 11.05 ERA.

And and yes, there's this, one scribe in Cleveland is calling for Manny's head (or ribs): "He needs to be knocked down -- at the least." But is Jake Westbrook really gonna put fear in Manny Ramirez? Please. Paul Byrd? HaHA! No, the only things that frighten Manny are barbers and clowns. So unless the Indians plan to reincarnate Sal Maglie or trade for Julian Tavarez, all payback attempts shall prove ineffectual.

Old friends Shoppach, Marte and Breslow are on Cleveland's roster.

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