Thursday, April 3, 2008

I wached a lot of baseball today

I stayed home from work today because I wasn't feeling well, but this had the unintended consequence of allowing me to watch a full day's worth of baseball, because the Extra Innings package is free this week. Here are the games I watched, and my impressions:

#1) White Sox at Indians
Former friends: O-Cab, Kelly Shoppach
Lasting impression: Remember when Jacobs Field sold out every game for like 10 years? Today, there was barely anybody at the park. Honestly, that's the more likely scenario for a Thursday 12:05 game on a soggy early April day. But not 10 years ago. And that's pretty cool.

#2) Royals at Tigers
Former "friends": Edgar Renteria
Lasting Impression:
Alex Gordon changed his jersey number from 7 to 4. A lot of second-year players change their numbers, but from 7 to 4? 7 is primo! Must be a reason. Not going to Google it. Also, he went 2-5, which he didn't do last year until like June. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.

#3) Rockies at Cardinals
Former friends: None
Lasting Impression: In the battle of our vanquished foes, which I didn't watch all that much, I realized that Rick Ankiel is really quite amazing, what he's done. And Pujols is God. Really. The man can't be stopped.

#4) Brewers at Cubs
Former friends: None
Lasting Impression: There's nothing more terrifying than Kerry Wood pitching for the Cubs. Not for the other team, for the Cubs. It's just always a disaster waiting to happen, a reminder of unfulfilled promise and silly hope. It'll never happen, guys. In a related note, I have Wood on my fantasy team, the Funky Okajimas.

#5) Astros at Padres
Former friends: Jose Cruz Jr., Josh Bard
Lasting Impression: There's nothing better for a nap than Astros/Padres. I also saw Callix Crabbe's first ML at-bat. History there, folks.

#6) Blue Jays at Yankees
Former friends: None that I can think of, nope, not a one
Lasting Impression:
Phil Hughes is pretty good. And I can watch 8 hours of baseball and still skip My Name is Earl for more.

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