Thursday, April 10, 2008

Supplementary Reading

I cannot believe we lost to the worst team in baseball. Shameful. Four walks, zero K's for Lester. Not good enough. Alex Cora, still batting 1.000! Julio Lugo, sporting the third-highest OBP among the starters! How do you like them apples, Bryan?!

Anyway, while I was north of the border, Alex Speier of th New Hampshire Union Leader completed his six-part series on the Sox' player development system. I haven't read all parts, but I've read enough to call Speier's work exemplary. A must read for any Sox fan.

Part 1: Productive farm system allows Sox flexibility
Part 2: Boston's now-bountiful farm system had gone fallow
Part 3: Sox aimed at consistent approach
Part 4: Boston scouting for success
Part 5: Sox preparing the way
Part 6: '05 draft was key to success
Boston sees future contributors at all levels of their system

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