Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obligatory Wily Mo Update

Wily Mo has 6 strikeouts in 18 at bats for the Washington Nationals (zero moonshots). A Wily Mo strikeout once in every three AB's is the only scientific constant that I know of in sports. The Modesto K/AB Ratio is to baseball what Planck's constant is to quantum mechanics.

Alas, the K's aren't the worst part of his game. The Nationals Report discusses:

If you go back a couple posts you will see me waxing poetic about the great defense that our team had been putting on display through the first two weeks of the season. Well the day Wily Mo Pena came back into the lineup, that all went to hell. I think he's drugging the water cooler with suck-ness. For a guy so large, WMP moves extremely well. But, all the speed in the world can't make up for taking bad routes. Also, his running stride seems very bouncy and I think it may be causing him to lose focus of ball when it's in the air. I dunno maybe I'm just imagining things.

Bouncy stride! I love it. More physics! I have a very scientific suggestion for Wily Mo that might lower his refractive errors.

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