Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jimmy Fallon Replacing Conan O'Brien is like David Archuleta Replacing David Ortiz

Good God, is this real?

This can't be real. Jimmy Fallon? Jimmy Fallon is going to be on television five nights a week? Whatever, NBC is digging its own grave.

I'm still not convinced Leno is going anywhere, and that's good news for Conan. Make the switch the CBS, big buddy, and keep it going down Sox Fan In New York style. I guess Leno counts as a Sox fan, so then we'd have both 11:30 shows. But I'd rather not count Leno.

On the bright side, at least Fallon will give "Douchebag Yankees fans who played Red Sox fans horribly in a movie" a worse name.

(Yes, the title is an American Idol reference.)

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Ben said...

Ah, an American Idol reference. And here I was thinking you had meant to say Adam Archuleta. Which, by the way, might be even more preposterous.