Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your crew is featherweight

That was a well-timed ode to Manny by Bryan. Tonight was Manny's night. By the third inning he had smacked two home runs off Mussina, passing Lou Gehrig and Fred McGriff on the all-time home run list in the process. Manny now has 495 career home runs, 55 of those have come against the Yankees. In the seventh, future hall of famer Kyle Farnsworth chucked one past Manny's ear. The Bronxfolk cheered, Manny grinned. Following the game Manny put a quarter in the clubhouse juke box and dedicated this classic piece of American songwriting to Messrs. Mussina and Farnsworth:

The anthem of the A-Rod era.

Manny was asked if he was excited to be approaching 500 career home runs. “Not really,” he said. “Because I’m going to 600.”

Also, Beckett was good. The middle relief looks dazzling when the starter goes 8, don't it? They're quite good sitting down, spitting sunflower seeds into a receptacle.

On Baseball Tonight Gammons gave creedence to something I had been thinking about just this morning. Craig Hansen and his 0.00 ERA and 0.55 WHIP in 9.1 innings at Pawtucket is likely to be up with the big club sooner rather than later. Gammons claims Hansen has rediscovered the delivery he had at St. John's. To which we can only say:

That He will guard thee by His might,
And be thy shield in every fight,
Thou champion of sacred rite,
Old St. John's! Our dear St. John's!

Gammons also added that Crisp could be headed to the Cubs, who are without Soriano and aren't getting any production from Pie. He mentioned Cubs' 22-year-old Boston native Sean Gallagher as a guy the Sox have interest in. I'll say again, we should not trade Coco Crisp.

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