Monday, April 14, 2008

Tommy Holmes is dead

Who is Tommy Holmes? In 1945, as a member of the Boston Braves, Holmes hit in 37 consecutive games. This modern N.L. record would stand until 1978, when Pete Rose hit in 44 consecutive games. So that's cool. But I find the following much more interesting. According to the sponsor of Holmes' baseball-reference page (and why would he lie?), Tommy was "the only player to lead his league in HR and fewest K/AB in the same season. Also the only OF to end his career with more DP's than errors." Both of those achievements seem kind of remarkable. The latter is perhaps a bit superficial, but for our amusement let's compare Holmes with some guys who have won multiple Gold Gloves:

Tommy Holmes: 37 Double plays, 33 Errors
Roberto Clemente: 42 Double plays, 140 Errors
Willie Mays: 60 Double plays, 141 Errors
Al Kaline: 29 Double plays, 73 Errors
Curt Flood: 28 Double plays, 54 Errors
Dwight Evans: 42 Double plays, 59 Errors
Ken Griffey Jr.: 42 Double plays, 84 Errors
Andruw Jones: 24 Double plays, 44 Errors
Jim Edmonds: 29 Double plays, 51 Errors

I've always thought it's sad that kids who grow up in New England these days don't really learn anything about the Boston Braves. I know virtually nothing. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn a little about the 1945 N.L. MVP runner up. Unfortunately it only came about due to the man's death. RIP.


Ryan said...

Look out Tommy Holmes, Ichiro could make history. So far in his career: 16 Double Plays, 15 Errors. This could go down to the wire.

Ben said...

Ah, nicely done. How did I forget to check in on Ichiro? He's only won seven consecutive Gold Gloves!