Thursday, April 3, 2008

Around the League

Where is the AP report, "Giambi Makes More Than Marlins Roster." I'm a few days late on this, but that is outrageous.

Is a bullpen that turns to Miguel Batista to finish games when their closer is on the DL really a team I should be predicting to win the AL West? Probably not. But the prediction has been made. On the white board at work you can clearly read, "Ben: Mariners will win AL West." Please come back, Putz. Also, Sexson, please go.

If I hear another Sox fan make a smug statement about Pedro being hurt again I will eviscerate both their hamstrings with one of the Timlin's hunting blades. Really. It makes me angry.

The season has begun, Tigers. Feel free to join us.

Fausto Carmona is back to his winning ways. Apparently it wasn't the cold weather that got him off his game in the ALCS. Several years from now when Fausto is an eight-time All Star, will we appreciate how lucky the Sox were to face him at the precise moment he temporarily lost ability to throw strikes? Two games, six innings, 9 walks, 10 hits, 11 runs.


Bryan said...

NL West?

Bryan said...

Also, Tigers comment = gold.

I think I'm going to post today. Commence rejoicing.

Ben said...

I just checked. The white board actually says, "Al West." The Sonics are moving, not the Mariners. I think I need to edit my post.

Also, you could have just edited the shit. Jerk.

Bryan said...

I wasn't sure. That's why there was a question mark.