Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getaway win

From the Globe: "The win for Jon Lester was the first by a Red Sox lefty starter in Oakland since Zane Smith beat Dave Stewart 9-6 on May 29, 1995."

Tough call on which of the following is more startling:
a) Zane Smith pitched for the Sox?*
b) Zane Smith beat Dave Stewart?
c) 13 years!!?!?!

*I had not considered this for at least thirteen years.

Alex Cora is batting 1.000. Dustin Pedroia is batting .250. Is it time to make the switch? Discuss.

Today Kevin Youkilis broke Steve Garvey's record for consecutive games without an error by an infielder. 194! Rest easy, Garvey fans, your boy remains the biggest douche bag to play at least 193 consecutive games without an error.

The A's: One run on seven hits in 18 innings.

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