Friday, February 29, 2008

We're underway!

4:05 Hydrocodone is a hell of a drug.

4:06 Boof Bonser does look svelte. And I don't think that's the drugs talking.

4:07 Why is Julio Lugo batting leadoff? I hope Bill James addresses this in the 60 Minutes interview.

4:something Mastsuzaka gets out of innings one and two by inducing double plays. No control problems. All signs point towards a Beckett-like domination of the American League in year two. His new arsenal of pitches was simply dazzling. He will probably win 30 games. At least.

4:36 I need some pudding.

4:37 MLB TV is failing me. Switching over to WRKO.

4:38 Jon Rish and Joe Castig are talking about this. I fight the urge to switch back to NESN.

Rish notes that Hideki Okajima looks to have bulked up in the off season. Joe Castig notes that Buscher is not a good name for ballplayer (you know, the "bush league" connotation and whatnot). Chuckles all around.

4:58 Twins pitcher Kevin Slowey is showing me something.

5:02 Youk goes yard with a two run dong. Athletes Performance is paying off already! Or perhaps it's the intense ping pong training. Either way Youk is on pace for a huge season.

5:04 Tek makes it back to back dongs and we're on our way. Sorry Slowey, it would appear I jinxed your ass.

5:10 Slowey has unraveled with two walks after the two dongs. Gardenhire makes the call for Nathan. Remy: "Well, they're gonna ask Nathan to get them 15 outs in this game." It's the Mayor's Cup. Throw pitch count out the window.

5:12 The Twins did not bring in Nathan after all. They brought in Bryan Bass. Hey, it's spring training for Remy and Orsillo, too. Oh, by the way I switched back to NESN. I'm a sucker for pictures.

5:16 You know what else I'm a sucker for? Pudding! Garçon, another round please!

5:18 A Jed Lowrie sighting. He's in at short for Lugo. The Twins get to see what they're missing out on. Timlin sets down the side in order. Fourth inning over.

5:29 Pedroia gunned down at home plate. Yup, still slow. Clearly his Athletes Performance training was all for naught. Great throw by the young centerfielder. Torii who?

5:30 Non-roster invitee Gil Valazquez drives in non-roster invitee Joe Thurston! 4-0. Remy: "Great to see the young guys coming through." Both Thurston and Velazquez are 28. I love how sometimes "young" is synonymous with "non-roster invitee who I have never heard of."

5:42 An inning later Kottaras hits a double down the right field line off Joe Nathan. Do I smell backup catcher controversy? No? How about we start a grassroots movement.

5:45 Crispus Attucks drives in Kottaras with a single up the middle. 5-0. Carlos Gomez, the aforementioned young Twins centerfielder, makes a wild throw home allowing Crisp to advance to second. Oh how they miss Torii Hunter.

5:53 Nice AB by Lowrie against Joe Nathan. Worked the count full and drew a walk. Nathan did not look terribly sharp but still managed to strike out the side.

5:58 Brian Buscher just went yard off of Tavarez. 5-1. "How do you like my surname now, Joe Castig?!!??!"

6:00 Brandon Moss boots the ball in his first chance at first base. This looks to be more moot than before. Oh well.

6:04 More drugs for me. Note: This development is unrelated to Moss's error.

6:31 Ah, it's the bottom of the 8th and Dan Kolb, one of gents in contention for a spot in the bullpen, is on the mound. Let's see what he's got.

6:38 The good news: Kolb looked okay, getting two batters to ground out after surrendering a leadoff single. He then walked a batter and followed that up by inducing another ground ball for the final out of the inning. The less good news: The first four batters Kolb faced wore numbers 79, 80, 68 and 77. The awesome news: On the second out of the inning Kolb covered first base flawlessly—clearly he's been taking spring training drills seriously.

6:46 Remy is impressed with Joe Thurston's wheels. Frankly, so am I. Alas, it was a groundout. Still, a 2-for-3 night for the Pawtucket-bound Thurston.

6:51 Three-run blast for Kottaras! 8-1. George is the star of the game with his four RBI. Somewhere (very likely at the Fort Myers Bennigan's) Doug Mirabelli just pooped his pants. The grassroots movement is picking up steam. Where there are not spring training story lines we shall invent spring training story lines! "Varitek-Kottaras 2008" bumper stickers coming right up!

6:59 Rally time! Two out, two run single in the bottom of the 9th and the score is 8-3.

7:00 Minnesota farmhand Tommy Watkins K's and the game is over. Sox win game one of the five game series. In the history of the Mayor's Cup the team that takes the first game is 13-12* in the series, so obviously this is a huge W.

7:01 This is the last time I blog an entire game. Not sure why I did it, not sure there's anything worth reading here. But the drugs were fun and the pudding, delicious.


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