Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello, Red Sox Fans

This is more or less our mission statement:

First, we are united under Clay Buchholz.

Second, we realize that we only get so many Red Sox seasons, and we're happy to be starting another one.

We love the Red Sox. And then there are the times when we curse the games and curse ourselves. The losses seem to hurt us more than we enjoy the wins, but they're precisely equal parts of the game.

For years, we were losers. Pathetic, dramatic, terminal losers. Losers you could count on: losers you could trust. By the time 2003 ended, we had lost so many times, in such grand fashion, that you could call it artistic.

The 2004 supernova has been photographed one thousand times from one thousand different angles, and is very much a closed case. We won't talk much about it here. Nor will we draw any authority from the 2007 Red Sox. Our blog is about the fucking brilliance that is the 2008 Boston Red Sox, win, lose or draw. There is no storyline going in. We intend to make one.

Who are we? We were once called "hilarious kids" (by us, we think) and we hope to live up to that. Where we are doesn't really matter, but we bracket the country. As the new version of Red Sox fans has followed us from one side of the States to the other, we've resisted inclusion in any "Nation" that resembles the one bearing our team's name. That's not us. We're going to root for the Sox in our own way, in the only way we know how. We don't love them because they win or because they lose. We love them because we do.

- Bryan

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