Thursday, February 14, 2008

Advil, Coffee, Mangu and Egg

Still the best there ever was.

• "I dominated that era and I did it clean," he said. "I can stand by my numbers and I can be proud of them."

• "I wish that they would check every day. That's how bad I want the game to be clean," said Martinez, who had his best years with Montreal and Boston from 1997-2003. "I would rather go home [than] taint the game."

• "I have a small frame and when I hurt all I could do was take a couple of Aleve or Advil, a cup of coffee and a little mango and an egg -- and let it go!" he said.

Looking at the NYT article on Pedro today — after the Photoshopping was completed — he apparently said "mangu," a traditional Dominican dish (and not "mango," which ESPN reported), and which makes a little more sense, but that's harder to find a decent picture of mangu than a mango. So the mango stays. Plus, we know Pedro has a history with mangos. Some more highlights from that article:

• “I can breathe, you know what I mean? I can breathe. It’s like a big glass of cold water when you’re really thirsty. That’s how bad we wanted Johan.”

• "Every time I get the ball, it could be the fifth position, the sixth, anywhere you want to put me. When you give me the ball as a starter, I’m the ace that day. I’m the guy styling. I’m the guy everyone’s expecting to have fun, and that’s going to be me.”

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