Friday, February 29, 2008

Today's Agenda

Before we get started, today's forecast: Snow, With a Chance of Orsillo and some passing parasites. It's Mayor's Cup Opening Day and I plan to celebrate in grand style!

Today's Agenda

All times PST
8:23 AM
Compose post detailing today's agenda, complete with wisdom tooth extraction, heavy drug abuse, and live blogging of Game 1 of Mayor's Cup 2008.

8:26 AM
Post something for you to remember me by in case I don't make it out of surgery.

9:30 AM
Have four wisdom teeth extracted.

9:31 AM
Ingest copious amounts of drugs.

9:32 AM - 4:oo PM

4:05 PM - Infinity
Convalesce while live blogging Game 1 of Mayor's Cup 2008 while high as a kite while eating Snack Packs and Jell-O.

In other health-related news:
Colon seems stronger than expected!

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