Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bonds to Rays?

This exciting news was greeted by different people in a number of different ways.

If you’re a casual baseball fan the first reaction is of course laughter.

If you're one of those chumps with a Red Sox blog the first reaction is, "Please, God, make this happen."

If you’re an indignant white man the reaction comes in the form of an exceedingly clever quip like, “Tampa Bay lost the Devil in the off season so it’s only fitting they replace him with Barry Bonds.”

If you’re Ken Rosenthal, you’re not likely to pen a “Clemens playing in ’08 would be bad for baseball” column anytime soon.

But, if you are, like me, a keen baseball mind who is all too aware of subtle shifts in power in the American League East, your first reaction is likely, “Yes, if these Rays get 100 games from Bonds at DH they really could compete for the Wild Card.” Well, maybe not just yet. But look, strong defense all over the diamond, two emerging top-flight starting pitchers in Kazmir and Shields, 19 games against the Baltimore Orioles, the tantalizing Evan Longoria at third, tremendous speed in the outfield with Crawford, Upton, and Baldelli, not to mention Cornelius Clifford Floyd backing up Bonds at DH. Oh well, more to come on the Rays when our house expert chimes in with an all-encompassing season preview in the days to come.

My second reaction was one I’m sure I share with many: “Oh my, this acquisition would really shake things up on the Rays all-time roster. To wit:

Carl Crawford
Wade Boggs
Barry Bonds
Jose Canseco
Fred McGriff
Carlos Peña
Damion Easley
Charles Johnson
Ozzie Guillen

On the mound? Dwight Gooden of course!

Bryan: You forgot Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus, righteous indignation that Bonds has not been yet signed (subs required). We get it Joe: Barry Bonds is still good. Your articles have made their point. Really. We know. No, I'm serious: we get it. Nobody's arguing with you. Can we move on?

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