Thursday, May 8, 2008

You again?

Gordon Edes writes, "An error by shortstop Julio Lugo, who lost his juggler's license when he failed to transfer a slow-hit tapper from his glove to his bare hand."

One can only assume his juggler's license had been fraudulently obtained in the first place. Perhaps he can put some of the $9,250,000 owed him in 2008 towards improving his technique.

Tito, ever the professional:
"You know what happened is he made the three in Toronto that are going to bite him for the rest [of the season] 'cause he has a lot now. I actually think lately he has played a more aggressive shortstop. He's gone in the hole a couple times. He made those errors in Toronto. That's a bad day. That's going to up his total. We stay on him all the time about being that guy that's aggressive and fearless because that's when he's a better player."

Aggressive and fearless! I know that's what I think of when I think of Julio Lugo. That and the defensive wizardry.

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TheYawkeyWay said...

Guy is playing like pure poop right now. At this pace, he will break Rent-A-Wreck's record of 30 errors.