Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lamb shanked!

A few thoughts on last night's 7-6 Twins' victory:

  • Lester only walked one!
  • I got home from work, turned on the game, saw that the score was 4-2 in the fourth and each side had committed an error, and I knew the Sox' error belonged to Lugo. There's comfort in that.
  • Boof Bonser had some bum luck. Looked like Delmon Young should have caught Lowell's two-run double.
  • Pedroia threw a laser to get cut down Young at home plate. If Ellsbury hits the cutoff man there, does Lugo bobble it?
  • Speaking of Lugo, when the Tolbert fellow game crashing down on his head at second base my eyes were elsewhere and I when looked at the screen and saw a man rolling around in pain I did not immediately recognize who it was. I felt some concern, but then, "Oh, it's only Lugo." That's not good.
  • Stolen base streak ends at twenty when J.D. Drew was nailed at second by Joe Mauer's picture perfect toss.
  • Okajima was great as always (15 pitches to retire six batters). But two innings again? If the pen doesn't shape up to the point where we can trust Delcarmen, Timlin or Hansen with a one-run lead in the seventh, Okie will be toast by Sepetember. Like last year.
  • The Twins' pen was superlative with runners in scoring position.
  • The American League has figured out Papelbon! No. There's been come wildness, but the big hits in the two blown save losses have been a broken bat bloop by Polanco and a knob job by Lamb. Something worth noting, Papelbon has zero K's in his last four appearances (4.2 innings).
  • What's with closers not caring about base runners? If Delmon Young isn't able to steal third.... ah forget it.

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