Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hot dogs, scowls and drunkards

Got home from work last night just in time to see Carlos Guillen's fly that Sox' 5-0 win in the books. So I've got little to say about the game aside from, How 'bout Mike Timlin and his incredible, shrinking ERA! Also, Julian Tavarez now has not pitched in twelve days. Trade rumors abound. Papelbon said in an interview yesterday that Tavarez ordered two hot dogs in the bullpen during Monday's game. Funny because two hot dogs is reportedly what the Rockies are offering for Julian's services.

Tigers, I sincerely hope you're enjoying your nap, we'll do our best not to wake you. Ah, but in Detroit some are happy that at least they're not the Indians. And in Cleveland Neville Chamberlain continues with his Indian appeasement. Meanwhile, Seattle denizens react to the impending move to Oklahoma City with a robust boycott.

Julio Lugo has accounted for 50% of the Sox' errors, 50% of the caught stealings, 85% of the scowls, 67% of the cup adjustments and 0% of the home runs.

Tomorrow the Sox face Armando Galarraga, a twenty-five-year old righty with a 1.88 ERA and 399 career home runs. He eagerly awaits interleague play so he can finally hit number 400.

Recently we've had the much-publicized story of a Yankee fans killing a Sox fan with an automobile and less recently the less-publicized tale of the Red Sox mob that battered a Yankee fan. Awfully sad days for the rivalry. And for drunkards. While it's true that the buried Ortiz jersey had a happy ending, what an astonishing circle jerk it took to arrive there. I think all involved on both sides could use some of NBA star Chris Bosh's humility. If you're in search of some pleasant news relating to the rivalry, look no further. We'll win the border war one school bus at a time! All of your children will belong to us, Connecticut!

Cora, Casey Pawtucket-bound.
Schilling's throwing session a success
Apparently MLB released some kind of Sox DVD today.

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