Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He's Certified — "Anything is Possible," the extremely rough transcript of Kevin Garnett's amazing victory speech

Michelle Tafoya: League MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, now it’s time to add to your resume. NBA Champion, how does that sound?

KG: (silence, plays with hat)

Man I’m so… I’m so hype right now… Anything is possible… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLE!

(near tears) Oh my momma [unintelligible]

(Falls over, mobbed by random dudes)

MT: Kevin… such emotion…

KG (interrupting): I’m sorry Michelle.

MT: It’s alright! Don’t apologize.

KG (interrupting again): I just wanna… this is for everybody in 'Sota, this is for everybody in Chicago… VV!... It’s for EVERBODYYYY! South Cack! Mashwood (?)! My momma! Peanut! See everybody who I love! My momma! I made it ma! TOP OF THE WORLD! TOP OF THE WORLD!

MT: Kevin…

KG (to someone else): You have no idea…

MT: What does top of the world feel like, Kevin?

KG: (after a pause) Man I’m so… so happy right now… I’m not finna sleep for a week. Ray Allen had a great game, Paul Pierce, everybody. I can’t even take all this man, but I’m certified. I’m certified. Michelle, you look good tonight, girl.

MT (smiling): One more, Kevin. To do this… you talked about Minnesota, you talked about that, but to do this in Boston, with a franchise this storied, against a franchise like the Lakers, what does that mean to you? You’re a student of the game.

KG: You have to understand when you come here, it’s a lot of responsibility that comes with putting this great jersey on. I’m just happy that we carried out tradition. What you gonna say now? What can you say now? I MADE IT MA!

/ascends to heaven through Garden roof


Mik A. said...

Correction: I believe he said "South Cack" as in "South Cackalacka" or South Carolina, where he was born.

Suggestion: You missed mentioning the drool wipe at the :30 mark.

Question: Did he intentionally try to reference his own Adidas ad campaign ("Impossible Is Nothing") and mess it up? Or was he not even thinking about it at all? I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but...

Coachie Ballgames said...

Ha, great attempt! I thought he was gonna faint right after the buzzer when he was screaming at midcourt, fell backwards, and then was caught by a homey (couldn't see who) who kept repeating, "I got you! I got you! I got you!"

Michael said...

Not "Selda" -- "'sota"

As in Minne"sota"

You do remember that KG played every other year of his career in Minnesota. He owned that town and they've always given him much love. MN has much respect for KG and vice-versa.

Bryan said...

You know, I thought he said "Soda"/"Sota" but I couldn't figure out what it meant; I'm going to chalk this up to the undetermined number of drinks that I had last night. Love my research staff: Mik, Michael, momma, Peanut. Anything is possible.

Bryan said...

The better part is that I figured he'd give a shout-out to Minny and was suprised when I didn't hear one, despite it being, oh, the first thing he said.